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Ieva Astahovska is an art scholar, critic and curator. She works at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, where she leads research projects related to socialist and post-socialist art, as well as non-formal education projects, focusing on current contemporary art processes. She has compiled and edited a number of publications—the anthology "Valdis Āboliņš. The avant-garde, mailart, the New Left and cultural relations during the Cold War" (2019), "Workshop of Restoration of Unfelt Feelings. Juris Boiko and Hardijs Lediņš" (2016), "Revisiting Footnotes. Footprints of the Recent Past in the Post-Socialist Region" (2015).

Margaret Tali is a cultural theorist, art historian and curator. She has completed her doctoral studies at the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis in University of Amsterdam and currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In between these two things she taught courses in cultural theory, art history and narratology at Maastricht University and University of Groningen. She's the author of “Absence and Difficult Knowledge in Contemporary Art Museums” (Routledge, 2018) and co-editor of “Archives and Disobedience. Changing Tactics of Visual Culture in Eastern Europe” (2016). Her research interests involve narrating difficult and sensitive histories and histories of the art museum.