Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

#4 Reading Workshop together with Riga Biennial
Former Faculty of Biology

We welcome your participation at the fourth Reading Workshop, dedicated to sensory experiences of art, next Wednesday, July 25 at 6PM at the Former Faculty of Biology (or at James Beckett’s installation Palace Ruin in Kronvalda Park)!

Focus of the #4 Reading Workshop:

Sensory as the Aesthetic: the Experience of Senses and Perceptions in Art

Visual experience has the dominant role in art. Yet in contemporary art many other sensory experiences – scent, taste, sound, touch etc. – are becoming increasingly important and working synesthetically. In this context, the “sensual turn” or “sensual return” are often mentioned, highlighting various senses and sensory perception as part of the experience of art and emphasizing their role in actively contributing to meaning. As W. J. T. Mitchell wrote, this alternative approach to the conventional differentiation between rationalism and sensualism invites a critical review of our “sensory hygiene”, which has fetishized visuality as a goal in art as well as of the general validity of the notion of visual culture.

At the Reading Workshop we will discuss the following texts:

>Patrizia Di Bello and Gabriel Koureas, “Introduction. Other than the Visual”. Art, History and the Senses. 1830 to the Present. 2010, p. 1–17.

>Caroline A. Jones, “Sensorium: New media complexities for embodied experience”. Parachute, 2006, No 121, pp. 81–97.

Participants are requested to show their interest by emailing to readingworkshop2018@gmail.com.

Free admission!