Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

#5 Reading Workshop together with Riga Biennial
the Former Faculty of Biology

We welcome your participation at the Reading Workshop, dedicated to Feminism movement on August 16 at 6PM at the Former Faculty of Biology (or at James Beckett’s installation Palace Ruin in Kronvalda Park)!

Focus of the #5 Reading Workshop:

Feminism as everyday strategies

Having announced itself vociferously in the 1970s, the feminist movement in recent years seems to be more vibrant than in the previous decades. It is most obvious through feminist protests in different countries throughout the world where the participants insist on the reproductive and economic rights of women or begin to voice problems, which have been kept silent before, achieving considerable response. Feminists insist that in the various aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life, substantial changes are necessary in order to change the hitherto existing normative system, which is still largely based on gender issues. Polish philosopher and feminist Ewa Majewska notes that “there was to be a revolution, but there was not. And this is not a failure, but it does reveal weaknesses. It proves that patriarchal, heteronormative habits cultivated over centuries, generously backed by religious myths, silence, and economic domination over women, have not evaporated.”

Feminism is therefore not a one-sided position even today: it is still being formed, including different requirements and choices.

At the Reading Workshop we will discuss the following texts:

>Ewa Majewska, “Feminism Will Not Be Televised”. E-flux Journal #92, June 2018.


>Silvia Federici, “Feminism and the Politics of the Common in and Era of Primitive Accumulation”. The Commoner, 2011.

Participants are requested to show their interest by emailing to readingworkshop2018@gmail.com.

Free admission!

Petra Bauer & Rebecka Thor, And All is Yet to be Done: The Grammar of Feminist Organising, 2018 Photograph from Women’s Gatherings in Sweden in the early 20th century
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