Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

#7 Reading Workshop together with Riga Biennial
Residence Of Kristaps Morbergs

We welcome your participation at the 8th reading workshop "Chronological Systems between Future, Past and Historical Memory."

The event will take place on 12 September at 6 pm at the Residence of Kristaps Morbergs.

Chronotope, the time-space relationship is one of the fundamental structures of culture. It could be metaphorically described as the thermometer of culture. The time of cultures embedded in tradition is often characterised as cyclical, where as contemporary culture is described as elapsing lineary which explains the feeling of acceleration we all are experiencing. Science fiction, inspired by relativity theory and quantum mechanics has come up with many other inventive possibilities for the course of time and first of all for the altering of it. American science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin presents in the “The Shobies’ Story” one of such possibilities, which intermingles traditional storytelling - the essential method of every creation myth - with problems science will presumably face in the future when trying to breech the speed of light. But as Le Guin says herself: science fiction is just a metaphor for the present. This becomes apparent in Pierre Nora's article "Between Memory and History", where the French historian argues, that the emergence of historiography, the history of history is proof for a gap that has developed between the memory that used to carry our collective values and the new consciousness of the historicized memory that is set out to archive everything rather than to remember what’s important.

Within the framework of the workshop we will discuss following texts:

Ursula K. Le Guin “The Shobies’ Story”

Pierre Nora "Between Memory and History"

To inquire the texts please contact us at readingworkshop2018@gmail.com.

Reading workshops are held in English, free admission.

Kerstin Hamilton Zero Point Energy, 2016 (still) Single-channel video, colour, sound, 18’ 39”
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