• Photo: Anita Smeltere

An invitation to join an organized walk around Riga "The Canon of Culture is Everywhere"

On December 18, Saturday, we invite you to the walk titled “The canon of culture is everywhere”. At 11:00, we'll meet by the Rainis' monument, in Esplanade, and at around 13:00 we plan to finish the hike and have a lunch by St. Peter's Church, in Oldtown; please, take some snacks and warm drinks for the lunch!

Together with the tour guide Anita Smeltere, the participants will get to know some well-known places in Riga, thus learning what they have to do with the cultural canon of Latvia. Let's get acquainted with separate books that reflect and interpret cultural values. The participants of the hike are expected to take an active part in the conversation by answering questions and/or performing some tasks.

The walk is intended for third-country nationals and locals, whose presence will promote better access to Latvian cultural stories and space. Please dress suitably for current weather!

Registration to the walk is required:

The event is part of the project “Latvijas vēstures un laikmetīgās kultūras kodi” (LV - LKK). This project is curated by LLMC as part of the integration programme, in which we promote the inclusion of newcomers to the current processes of Latvian culture, art and society with the help of various events that explore contemporary culture in Latvia.

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