Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Outlands - LCCA Evening School, 6th season, 5# reading workshop
Former Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry of the University of Latvia, Zeļļu street 25

On 12 June at 6 PM, as part of its non-formal education programme, the Evening School, the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art invites to the season’s fifth reading workshop “Outlands”. Before the workshop, participants are invited to visit the Survival Kit Festival for free.

The centre–periphery relationship in today's global world is one of the most visible areas of focus in contemporary culture. It is also the focus of the art festival Survival Kit that attempts to highlight this complex relationship through the concept of outlands. Personal stories and micro-experiences are the vehicles through which it seeks to examine broader societal issues, including the relationships between certain countries and the histories of entire regions.

The concept of outlands is also related to the field of postcolonialism, which in cultural and ideological analysis, and in the critique of Eurocentrism, nationalism, economic determinism has moved from academic studies to many other areas. Postcolonial art speaks of both the current state of affairs and the future that has overcome hegemonic political, cultural and knowledge-production systems of the West, and where encounter, dialogue and integration takes place across the battle lines of difference and ethnocentrism in a multicultural world.


• Cassius Fadlabi, “Everybody Just Calls Me Fadlabi”. Survival Kit 10.1. [Catalogue]. LCCA, 2019, pp. 51.–57. lpp.

• Cameron Mccarthy, Greg Dimitriadis, “Art and the Postcolonial Imagination: Rethinking the Institutionalization of Third World Aesthetics and Theory”. ARIEL. A Review of International English Literature, 31:1 & 2, Jan. – Apr., 2000, pp. 231–253.

To receive the texts, please email to: ieva.ast@gmail.com

The Latvian Center for Contemporary Art within its programme, the Evening School continues reading workshops or non-academic and informal discussions about seminal texts, devoted to current issues of contemporary art as well as exploration of the recent past. This season highlights themes, related to the LCCA general event programme in 2019 – social utopias, geopolitical and cultural divisions, migration and politics of memory. The programme is curated by Ieva Astahovska; it takes place at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Alberta iela 13, and its events are free of charge. The project is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.