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This year the opening celebration is held in cooperation with the poetry festival Dzejas Dienas. 

Entrance to the festival exhibition venues on the opening days are available during their working hours. Admission to all venues and events on opening days is FREE.

FRIDAY, 03.09.2021


> at the Museum of Romans Suta un Aleksandra Beļcova

3pm - 6pm Artist Anda Lāce's performance within installation "Valsi dejo tā!"/ "Waltz dances like that!" un cooperation with composer Alise Rancāne.

> at the Rainis and Aspazija House, the Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum & Museum of Romans Suta un Aleksandra Beļcova

4pm Excursion of the festival Survival Kit 12 curators Ovül Durmuşoglu and Joanna Warsza in three museums of the Central District in English starting with Rainis and Aspazija's house, where on the opening day it will be possible to taste Dagna Jakubovska and Joanna Gavronska-Kula's "The Future Bread", made according to a speculative and experimental recipe, thinking about environmental and climate change on the planet. "The Future Bread" is a series of innovative, experimental recipes and dishes that have emerged from different future scenarios and can be seen in the 12th exhibition of the festival Survival Kit at Rainis and Aspazija's house.

Excursion time plan with curators:

4pm >>The Rainis and Aspazija House <<, 

There you can see the art works of Ingrīda Pičukāne, Felicita Pauļuka, Dagna Jakubowska, Joanna Gawrońska-Kula & Dineo Seshee Bopape. 

5pm >> The Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum << There you can see the artworks of Ieva Epnere, Gülsün Karamustafa & Dineo Seshee Bopape. 

5:40pm >> Museum of Romans Suta un Aleksandra Beļcova << There are the artworks of Eva Koťátková, Anda Lāce & Dineo Seshee Bopape.

> at the NOASS art centre

7pm - 8pm Opening reading of the Festival “Poetry Day 2021”.

Performers: Marija Luīze Meļķe, Andris Kalnozols, Ingmāra Balode and Edvīns Raups.

8pm - 9pm Analogue audiovisual performance by the artist and film curator Ieva Balode and the sound artist and poet Artūrs Punte.

9pm - 11pm DJ evening with music by Solvita Krese, director of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Ovül Durmuşoglu, curator of Survival Kit 12 and co-curator of the “Poetry Day” Henriks Eliass Zēgners.

Venues & Partners: 

> The Rainis and Aspazija House, Baznīcas iela 30, Rīga 

> The Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum, Brīvības iela 38-4, Rīga

> Museum of Romans Suta un Aleksandra Beļcova, Elizabetes iela 57a-26, Rīga

> The NOASS art centre, AB dambis 2, Rīga


SATURDAY, 4.september


Entrance to the festival exhibition venues will be free of charge on the opening days and available during their working hours. The following museums will be open longer:

You are invited to learn more about the Survival Kit 12 exhibition and museum together with Art ambassadors!

> The Ojārs Vācietis Museum: 3pm - 9pm

> The Jānis Akuraters Museum: 3pm - 9pm

> at the Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum, the Ojārs Vācietis Museum & the Jānis Akuraters Museum

3pm Excursion of the festival Survival Kit 12 curators Ovül Durmuşoglu and Joanna Warsza in three museums of Pārdaugava in English, beginning at the Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum.

>> Beginning of the excursion is at the Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum where you can see the artworks of Anna Salmane, Flo Kasearu, Elīna Vītola, Oskar Dawicki, Jenna Sutela & Dineo Seshee Bopape.

>> followed by visiting of the Ojārs Vācietis Museum you can see the artworks of Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Kaspars Groševs & Inese Groševa, Oreet Ashery and Dineo Seshee Bopape.

>> and concluded with an excursion at the Jānis Akuraters Museum where are the artworks of Ieva Kraule-Kūna, Johanna Hedva & Dineo Seshee Bopape exhibited.

> at the Ojārs Vācietis Museum

3pm - 5pm Contemporary Art Experiment Workshop for children and young people (8-15 years old) OTHERS WILL SEE THAT I AM WORRIED with artist Eva Vēbere (please apply in advance:

> at The Jānis Akuraters Museum

4pm - 8pm Workshop for families “Skaistuma mušiņu rāmētava”/ “Framing of Beauty Flies” created by artists Gundega Evelone and Andris Landau (free access throughout the afternoon). 

> at LKA Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum 

4pm Excursion led by Jānis Siliņš - director of the LKA Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum and producer, in the permanent exposition of the Museum headed by him.

5pm - 6.30pm The performance “Viņa sēž uz krēsla”/ “She Sits on a Chair” created by the artist Anna Salmane in the Theater Hall of the LKA Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum. The performances take place within the framework of the art work created by Anna Salmane for the festival Survival Kit 12, which can be seen in the Theater Hall of the Museum.

5pm - 6.30pm Music selection by Visvaldis Dreiska with dedication to the themes of the festival Survival Kit 12, Eduards Smiļģis, theater and various world sound cultures in three parts with introductions by the author of the selection.

6.30pm - 8pm Sound performance of the artist Kaspars Groševs with his first sound experiments recorded on cassettes during his teenage years in his current interpretation as a dialogue with Marta Trektere's performance Painless Youth / Nesāpīgā jaunība.

7pm - 8pm The performance of the artist Marta Trektere Painless Youth / Nesāpīgā jaunība, in which the artist pays attention to the cause of pain in a person's life as they age.

8pm - 9pm Performing Association of pseudo bartenders АУО «Скини би4ез» in cooperation with the Bar “Pils” and the closing part of the Visvaldis music selection with a dedication to rhythmic ethno-jazz in the Museum yard.

9pm - 03am “Satori" poets and artists' disco "Pirmā reize"/ "First time" with music provided by Evelīna Andžāne, Kārlis Vērdiņš, Katrīna Neiburga, Jānis Šneiders, Liene Rumpe, Agnese Krivade, Raimonds Ķirķis, Marija Luīze Melke as well as music provided by other poets and artists - a danceable and important music for them along with the stories about the first time.


Organised by: 

Latvijas Laikmetīgās mākslas centrs

Festivāls “Dzejas dienas 2021”

Interneta žurnāls “Satori"

Venues & Partners:

The Ojārs Vācietis Museum, (O. Vācieša iela 19);

The Jānis Akuraters Museum, (O. Vācieša iela 6A);

LKA Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum, (E. Smiļģa iela 37).

Online magazine "Satori" (society “Ascendum”)

Bar "Pils"

Supported by:

Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds, KultūrElpa, Rīgas dome, Somijas mākslas atbalsta fonds FRAME, Turcijas laikmetīgās mākslas atbalsta fonds SAHA, Gētes institūts Rīgā, Francijas institūts Latvijā, Arctic Paper, Green Print, Arteritory, LSM.LV, Punctum, Satori, Radio NABA


Participation in all events is possible in compliance with the national safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19! 

Entrance to the events, presenting a valid Covid-19 certificate, which confirms:

• the fact of recovery of the Covid-19;

• the fact of COVID vaccination.

A valid certificate will need to be presented along with an identity document.

Photo & Video

We would like to inform you that the event will be photographed and filmed. By being in the event area, you confirm that you are informed that you are included in the audio or visual material.

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