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SALE! Ilmārs Blumbergs. Windows

Artist Ilmārs Blumbergs has been windowing for ten years, art historian Helēna Demakova for about a year. The result was an exhibition and a book with the same title.

All of the Blumbergs’ works are united by a common biographical aspect - impressions of reference points in his creative work in all kinds of expression, illustrating books, creating visual arrangements for theatre and opera performances, painting and drawing.

Together with curator Helēna Demakova they worked on the conceptualisation of the project and the result was a setoff works with an integral overall idea and several sub-series.

Blumbergs’ oeuvre demonstrates a sense of the modern world through a traditional medium. His biography is revealed on a wall with green-grayish wallpaper that sometimes has an intensely depressive effect, but something soft and loving at the same time. Born in original creative chaos, it operates just like a WINDOWS program. By opening one window, one can enter others. Similarly by opening one theme after the next, one can follow the various phenomena in the global web of the Internet.

The project is about memory, memory of the creative years. Not just the years that are lived through by one's immediate circle, but also those of nations. The viewer will notice that Blumergs' painting includes both photographs taken by Uldis Briedis of the 23rd August 1987 events by the Freedom Monument and the concentrated harshness of Chingiz Aitmatov's “Plakha” as experienced by the artist.

Blumbergs' childhood years in Siberia, the time in the Soviet army, Marina's arrival into his life, the work on the visual interpretations of Hessiod, Senecca and Rainis, the AIDA period and now the fascination with The Magic Flute - this is a journey based on personal experience made out of blind creativity, memory and simply thinking.

Design: Ingrīda Zābere. Publisher: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2000
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