Shared Futures

From Complicated Past Towards Shared Futures is a project implemented by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, OFF-Biennale Budapest, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, and Malmö Art Museum. It focuses on the relationship between the complex and uncomfortable past of the twentieth century and today's relationship, considering how to think and talk about these issues in wider society, with a particular focus on the role of art mediation. 

The project’s events—exhibitions, workshops, discussions, educational programmes, and a symposium—aim at developing new perspectives and approaches on how art and culture can raise public awareness of the tangled relations between the past and the present, and in so doing influence current realities. Creative collaborations between project partner institutions and media, activists, memory researchers, environmental and educational institutions, and those from other fields are an essential way to introduce new approaches. By sharing competences and experiences, the professionals involved in the project help to engage interdisciplinary approaches and to build new, quality collaborations with audiences. 

Detailed information on the project’s activities is published on the project’s online platform

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