Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

The Taste of Distance
Two-channel video installation, 45’, and various marble and granite objects on iron stands
Courtesy of the artist and Ani Molnár Gallery

Sári Ember (1985) was born in São Paulo and now lives and works in Budapest. She graduated with a degree in photography from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest. By examining people’s relationships with objects and the past, Ember deals with the notions of identity, memory and heritage. Her interest is drawn toward more abstract images and the creation of hybrid images through the examination and consequent deconstruction of the classic genre of portraiture. Her focus in recent works has been on pushing the boundary conditions of the shape of a face to their abstract limits. She purposefully employs silhouettes to examine the relationships and boundaries between the image and the spatial object. Ember works with different techniques and materials such as photography, paper collage, ceramics and stone, and usually presents her work in installations.

The work she is presenting at Survival Kit 10.1 has two main parts. The first is a two-channel video installation that, through the presentation of a Hungarian emigrant community in São Paulo called Turma (the Portuguese term for “team”), reflects on the relationships of the members of this community to their Hungarian origins and, more broadly, on the issue of national and cultural identity. In addition to this very concrete story, the second part of the project is an installation of stone and ceramic objects (stone masks, heads of various sizes, and other indefinable sculptural objects) that deals with the conditions that shape our identity in certain situations and the different roles we take on during our lives.