Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

15:00 Artist’s talk by Santiago Mostyn

In English. Great Hall on the 2nd floor

Santiago Mostyn will discuss his ongoing research into personal and historical cartographies. Subjects include the island of Tobago, the Couronian Empire, and our bodily engagement with the natural world.

16:00 Artist’s talk by Kasper Akhøj

In English. Great Hall on the 2nd floor

Kasper Akhøj will discuss his work and longterm investigations as part of a research-based artistic practice.

18:00 Discussion about the Hybridity of Cultures by Deniss Hanovs and Andrejs Strokins

In Latvian. Great Hall on the 2nd floor

Andrejs Strokins and Deniss Hanovs’ art project is devoted to cultural identities in the space of contemporary Riga and the changes experienced by the city in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Hybrid identities are widespread in the Latvian culture-space, yet they are rarely discussed. This discussion will provide an opportunity to hear experts’ opinions on the functioning of cultural hybridities, the challenges posed by cultural indeterminacy to today’s collective identities, and cultural hybridities in contemporary Latvia. The discussion will be moderated by prof. Deniss Hanovs.