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This time, Survival Kit has found home in the building of the Riga Circus (entrance is from Alfrēda Kalniņa street), which is among the oldest circus buildings in Europe. Its construction was completed in 1888, thirty years before the formation of the Latvian state. Currently, the circus is undergoing fundamental transformations, departing from centuries-old traditions such as the use of wild animals in the circus programme; a transition to a new type of circus is taking place, proposing an interdisciplinary and innovative approach.

Therefore, outlands descend on the circus arena at the right moment, signalling desirable change not only in the field of circus but, in a broader sense, in the society at large.

Ināra Kehre, CEO of VSIA "Rīgas cirks" says: "SURVIVAL KIT is an apt and symbolic messenger of the new season of the Riga Circus. This year, the building of the Riga Circus turns 130 years old, and this summer we will complete reinforcement and conservation of the building's facade as well as structural strengthening of the roof thus eliminating the hazard discovered in 2016. The building awaits renovation, but while it is being prepared, we welcome everyone to different events in the building of the circus. A multi-faceted arts programme is planned for the next two years, including circus, theatre, dance, visual art, musical events and everything that goes together with artistic creation at the same time being able to embrace the wear of the building. SURVIVAL KIT is an experienced partner, which will make it possible to realise the potential of the various spaces and, most importantly, will let each visitor experience the magic charm of the circus space."

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