We invite visitors to get acquainted with the description of the physical environment and content accessibility at the festival venue in the Old Town (Pils ielā 23, Riga).

The exhibition features 70 works of art, most of which are visual (video works, films, and installations), and some – audio artworks. For viewing the exhibition, it is advisable to schedule at least 3 hours. Planning a visit for people with various types of disabilities, you are welcome to book the assistance of an art mediator, or an excursion (either an individual or a group one, in Latvian, Russian or English) led by mediators. The duration of the tour is ~45 minutes. If you have special access requirements or have additional questions about festival accessibility, please write to or call +371 29586893 (Māra). The phone number to arrange car parking at the building for people with reduced mobility: +371 29957486 (Kristīne)

Accessibility for visitors with reduced mobility: the building is located in the Old Town, and in order to enter the building in a wheelchair, the visit must be booked in advance. The building is equipped with a mobile lift where you should move from your wheelchair. The amenities are not customised. The exhibition is arranged on two floors of the building. Several (15) steps must be climbed to enter the first floor of the building. The stairs also lead to the second floor of the building. Qualified staff will help people in wheelchairs to get from one floor to another with the help of a mobile lift. There are portable benches available at the exhibition, and they should be requested at the ticket office. Parking in the yard is available with prior arrangement and on condition that there are no events.

Accessibility for blind and visually impaired visitors: for people with partial vision loss, we may send artwork descriptions (annotations) by e-mail on request. The artworks are not provided with audio descriptions, but we offer people with visual impairments to book a visit and attend the exhibition in the company of an art mediator. A part of the exhibition are sound installations. Please note that the lighting in the building corridors and rooms is different. To find your way around the building, we invite you to follow the special signs or go with a guide. The artwork descriptions (annotations) are not illuminated, but they are available digitally. It is allowed to visit the exhibition with an assistance dog.

Accessibility for deaf and hearing impaired visitors: some video works have subtitles in English or Latvian; it will not be possible to adjust the sound level in headphones. Information about works is visual and textual – the artworks are provided with descriptions (annotations).

Accessibility for visitors with a cognitive impairment: works with potentially disturbing content are provided with warnings. You are welcome to use the assistance of art mediators, who will introduce you to the exhibition and its works in simple language. The artwork descriptions in simple language can be requested by contacting or calling +371 29586893

Information about the festival in easy-to-read language:


SURVIVAL KIT 13 is an art exhibition.

SURVIVAL KIT means a small box with things that you need in order to stay alive in a dangerous situation.

The exhibition takes place in Riga, Latvia, every September.

The exhibition goes on for one month in an empty building in Riga.

This year SURVIVAL KIT 13 takes place from 3 September to 16 October.

It is important to us that the exhibition is accessible to everyone, so we offer

· excursions with art mediators

· artwork descriptions in easy-to-read language

· exhibition accessibility guide

· free entry to the exhibition for people with disabilities

We see accessibility as an ongoing learning process, which is why the LCCA team welcomes your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions about your visit, feedback, or comments, please contact us at or +371 29586893

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