Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
Britta Marakatt-Labba. The Move The Door Fireplace Stones (in sámi language Arran). Embroidery, stones, 2017
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Marakatt-Labba is presenting a project consisting of three works dedicated to the movements of Kiruna city: a textile embroidered on old, creased sailcloth; the door of a traditional Sámi lavvu home in repainted and embroidered textile; and fire place stones, which in a lavvu occupy the main area and provide the necessary warmth. Place and location are very important to the Sámi people – that’s why each of the stones features an engraving of a different place. The Sámi people have always lived in harmony with nature, and when moving will return all of their building materials to nature. Only the stones stay, and after a while they are taken over by moss. These three works address the mining industry in northern Sweden, and form a reflection on Scandinavian colonialism and the fate of indigenous identities.