Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

18.00 SURVIVAL KIT 9 festival opening (Kronvalda bulvāris 4, Riga)

Artist talk by Nomeda Urbonas & Gediminas Urbonas: Zooetics. Pavilion and Ballardian Technologies. In English.

Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas will talk about the ideas behind the interdisciplinary research platform Zooetics, which they have established in order to explore new ways of engaging human knowledge and research with other forms of life, and to imagine designs, prototypes and interfaces for future interspecies ecologies.

Lecture-performance by artist Gernot Wieland: Animal Depression. In English.

Gernot Wieland's lecture deals with the relationship between humans and animals, and the mechanisms of power and control that are involved. Balancing between truth and fiction, Wieland's narrative is full of historical facts, tragicomic events, humour and irony.

Artist Jim Holyoak reads from his Book of Nineteen Nocturnes. In English.

Jim Holyoak will read one chapter from his Book of Nineteen Nocturnes, which is on display at SURVIVAL KIT 9. This tale follows the wanderings of a monster made of wood, named Book, as she travels through a dream-like world where the sun never rises.

21.00 SURVIVAL KIT 9 opening party at the club PIENS (A. Briāna iela 9, Riga)

Animal night! Celebrity disco, dance performances by artists throughout the night, Becoming Your Favourite Animal workshop and many other high-quality night-vision opportunities. Artist Andris Eglītis will take care of the spatial design.

Please wear an animal mask!