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Plants Don’t Kill Each Other At Once


Mixed media: photos, collages and drawings on paper and fabric, 50 cm x 35 cm

Commissioned by Survival Kit 11

Courtesy of the artist 


Alevtina Kakhidze refers to the world of plants, reflecting metaphorically upon the complex problems of our political reality. Kakhidze gives plants subjectivity and suggests replacing the human viewpoint with those of plants. 


Artist’s Bio:

Born in 1973 in Zhdanovka, Donetsk region, USSR, Alevtina Kakhidze is now based in Muzychi, Ukraine, 26 kilometres from the capital city of Kyiv. Having grown up (since 1991) in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, known for its coal mining, she has experienced the abrupt and chaotic changes that have taken place in Ukraine, from the days of the USSR to the imbalanced environment that followed and the undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine that it is still going on today. She has been a United Nations Tolerance Envoy in Ukraine since 2018. She was awarded the Kazimir Malevich Artist Award in 2008, and in 2002 won first prize in the Competition for Young Curators and Artists organised by the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA in Kyiv.