Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
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The public programme of Survival Kit 11 will take place both as a series of events at the festival, and outside of it, as a series of broadcasts on Radio Naba. 

The programme’s title, Kommunalka-Community, points to the questions and problems we in Latvia face in developing an inclusive society. It often seems that we are somewhere between the two terms that it combines. In our reluctance to accept people belonging to ethnic, racial, or sexual minority groups—it is as if some of us still feel that living together is once again being forced upon us, as it was in the kommunalka or communal flat, where very different people found themselves sharing living space during the Soviet era. At the same time, the English word community seems to invite us to think about forms of shared life based on positive and inclusive interactions. What is and what could be the model of Latvian society? In this space, we will try to explore problems, encourage discussions and seek solutions for developing a more inclusive future society. 

To ensure the safety of visitors as much as possible, LCCA will follow the state regulations regarding organising public events during Covid-19 pandemic. 

Visitors are asked to maintain sanitary and social distancing measures and follow the instructions of the event organisers. 

The project Kommunalka-Community has been realised by the LCCA in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Riga. The project is supported by the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.