• Photo: Kristīna Virse

  • Photo: Kristīna Virse

  • Photo: Kristīna Virse

  • Photo: Kristīna Virse

A MOMENT’S INSTALLATION = interdisciplinary performance on 26 August, 2021, at 4PM (UTC + 03)

A moment is born when urban environment and a human unites. A moment that can be taken, recorded, felt and marked on a sheet of paper.

As a part of public program of art park "Mobile museum. Next season" on 26 August, 2021, at 4pm (UTC + 03) A MOMENT’S INSTALLATION by Drink and Draw Latvia in collaboration with Latvian Academy of Culture’s Contemporary Dance programme’s graduates are creating a site-specific performance in which the audience is invited to reflect on the events via sketching.

Dancers: Līva Apšeniece un Oskars Moore

Participants shall fill out the application form, that we can prepare the necessary materials.

A MOMENT’S INSTALLATION is an interdisciplinary performance wherein contemporary dance and visual arts are united in an urban environment.

How will the event happen?

Before the start of the performance, the audience will be invited to make adjustments to the environment, for example, to stack and balance rocks, as well as to pick their sketching materials. The performance begins with the artists introducing themselves to the newly changed surroundings. Their task is to explore their new stage via dance.

During this investigation, the inevitable will happen and the constructions will tip over, changing the stage again. An interaction between artists and audience occurs using the surroundings as an instrument. The artists’ movement morphs into poses - some entirely static, some slowly flowing from one position to another. Every pose lasts between 3 and 10 minutes.

The audience is asked to record the happenings - to sketch and reflect the sense of the events from their point of view. As the final part of the event, participants will be invited to exhibit their creations to inspire themselves, each other and the performance artists. 

All the materials for sketching (paper, pencils, charcoal, felt pens and other media) are provided. 

The event is supported by the Royal Talens brand Sakura.

Entrance to the event, presenting a valid Covid-19 certificate, which confirms:

• the fact of recovery of the Covid-19;

• the fact of COVID vaccination.

A valid certificate will need to be presented along with an identity document.

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