Exhibition "How I've Been Feeling Lately"

Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum

In the exhibition "How I've Been Feeling Lately" by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art contemporary artists reflect on the subject of mental health – both through their own experiences with illness and its prevention and those of their loved ones and through an investigation of societal prejudice and the stigma surrounding this topic.

Geopolitical tensions, climate anxiety, pandemic isolation and the increased use of new technologies has left its mark on society's mental health. Since the pandemic, this subject has gained increasing public relevance, yet much prejudice, suspicion and condemnation remains. In order to foster public awareness and reduce prejudice on this subject, the exhibition turns to various perspectives on mental health – a personal struggle with depression, the experience of witnessing the death of a relative, self-help techniques and prevention as well as the unmasking of stereotypes.

Curator of the exhibition, Laura Brokāne, writes:  

“Art has the capacity to open up an associative language through which to gather the courage to discuss psychologically difficult experiences, also fostering understanding and empathy among the broader public. At the same time, in discussing questions related to mental health, it is essential to establish and maintain straightforward language. The tendency to aestheticise these questions frequently is the result of fear and repression, thus downplaying the seriousness of the subject. The exhibition is an attempt to maintain this delicate balance, similar to how many of us are trying to keep the balance between the daily routine and internal anxiety."

Considering the delicacy and complexity of the subject, the contemporary art exhibition "How I've Been Feeling Lately" and its accompanying programme will provide both visitors and artists with a safe meeting place inside the museum, in which to recognise and share difficult psychological experiences.

Anda Lāce, Līga Spunde, Reinis Hofmanis, Anna Salmane, Andris Kaļiņins, Krista Dzudzilo, Reinis Dzudzilo, Rasa Jansone, Ieva Vīksne, Zane Tuča, Sanita Tauriņa un Ernests Vilsons

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation and Riga City Council

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The exhibition is organised by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) in collaboration with Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum (MVM)
Curator: Laura Brokāne
Design: Anete Krūmiņa
Project management: Laura Brokāne and Kristīne Liniņa (MVM)
Installation: Jānis Auniņš, Aivis Vizulis, Dekorāciju darbnīca
Exhibition luminaire: Romāns Medvedevs
Translators: Lauris Veips and Valts Miķelsons
Proofreaders: Zane Grudule and Will Mawhood
Assistant curator: Luīze Elizabete Rukšāne (LCCA)
Coordinator of the public programme: Mārīte Lempa (LCCA)
Coordinator of art mediators: Māra Žeikare (LCCA)
Accessibility coordinator: Kristīne Ercika (LCCA)
Accessibility consultant: Ieva Rosne
Communications: Krista Luīze Priedīte (LCCA) and Ilze Sirmā (MVM)

Detailed programme
The accompanying programme will include activities giving an insight into the process of art therapy, discussions with the exhibition's artists and experts in the field as well as two performances. The cycle Introduction to Art Therapy will be led by art therapists Diāna Serga and Lība Bērziņa, and is open to all. The discussions with artists end experts will deal with mental health issues, neurodiversity, the importance of support from fellow human beings, forms of assistance and the language in which to discuss these subjects. The public programme will also include two performances – Heartbeats by Ukrainian artist Daria Kalashnikova and The Windiest Day Ever by choreographer Kristīne Brīniņa. More information about joining the art therapy groups and the dates and times of the discussions and performances will be published on here and on social media accounts of the LCCA.