Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

LCCA hosts the video screening of “FemLink” video-collages
LCCA Office Gallery, Alberta 13, Riga
04.03.13 - 08.03.13

LCCA hosts the video screening of “FemLink” video-collages

The International Video-Artist Collective „FemLink” includes 149 female video artists from 64 countries, collaborating on a regular basis and making joint video collages. Since 2006 the collective has created 7 collages on common topics, such as “Aggression”, “Fragility”, “Male”, “Preoccupation”, “Protest”, “Resistance”, “Vital” and “Wonder”, which have been exhibited in more than 80 art centres, museums and exhibition spaces in 38 countries of the world.

The structure of the “collage” is simple – a single artist representing one country creates a short, maximum 2 minutes long video around an important theme. Then the videos are collected and joined together in video-collages, creating a complete, collaborative artwork. The work of every artist, who is participating in the collective, is included in the final artwork.

The curators and authors of the “FemLink” concept are video artists C.M. Judge (USA) and Véronique Sapin (France), whereas Latvia is represented in the project by artist Ingrīda Pičukāne. More information: http://www.femlink.org.

The screening of the video-collages “Aggression. Fragility. Male. Preoccupation. Protest. Resistance. Vital. Wonder” will commence on March 4th and proceed all week long form 12:00 to 18:00. At the end of the week, on March 8th the discussion “But everything’s o.k.” will take place in the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Alberta Street 13th. The discussion will explore the topicality of feminism ideas in Latvia and will be monitored by Zane Zajančkauska. Participation – free of charge.

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