Audio Version of a Hypothetical Artist by Justīne Savitska

Audio recording, 13’22”


Courtesy of the author

Audio Version of a Hypothetical Artist was created from testimonials about and inferences in a very real intellectual history of Latvian women artists in the second half of the 20th century, expanding a range of questions: What were a female artist's career options? What were her interests? What did she do? How did they speak of her back then and what do we know about her now? The audio recording features the voices of the artists Rasa Kalniņa-Grīnberga and Mudīte Gaiševska, quotes from the press of their time, and fragments from conversations with some of the researchers who reveal lesser-known or forgotten stories about women artists in the Unwritten Stories – Woman Artists' Archives project – Paula Stutiņa, Andra Silapētere, Ieva Melgalve, Toms Ķencis and Evita Goze. 

Justīne Savitska (1990) is a journalist at Latvijas Radio. She is working as a producer for multi-media radio projects and has authored, produced and edited non-fiction radio stories, alongside leading the Innovation Lab at Latvijas Radio. She also teaches journalism at the University of Latvia and holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Communication Science, as well as a Master of Humanities in Anthropology from the same university.

The audio recording features the following music: "Minus" by Nctrnm. From CC, 4.0

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