The Second LCCA Summer School This Is Tomorrow! 

Where: Rucka manor, Cēsis

When: June 6-11, 2015

“But yesterday's tomorrow is not today,” wrote British art critic and curator Lawrence Alloway in 1956, working on the exhibition This Is Tomorrow! in London, pointing to the necessity for closer symbiosis between art, architecture, design and the processes of everyday culture. Accordingly, the basis of the LCCA Summer School is formed by the desire to form closer inter-disciplinary collaboration between members of various fields of culture and the arts, to explore the today through the current experience and perspectives of culture theory, strategies of contemporary artists, conceptualisation of the perception of time through the 'frames' of memory and the archive, the intersections of postcolonial and postsocialist experience, interpretations of reality and science fiction, etc.

Summer School This Is Tomorrow! is organised within the LCCA education programme, which is based on the exploration of current contemporary art processes in the form of lectures, workshops and other discoursive events with the aim of strengthening the development of informal education, critical thinking and discussion in the Latvian art scene. One of the most visible activities of the programme is the series of reading workshops, LCCA Evening School, which turns to questions of contemporary art through the experience of reading texts by important theoreticians.

Extended programme of the 2nd LCCA Summer School This is Tomorrow! (June 6-11, Rucka manor, Cēsis) are here:


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