Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

18:00 Opening of the festival Survival Kit 10.0 and Leer|Stelle

18:30 Performance by Cibelle Cavalli Bastos
Sonja Khalecallon’s Products for a Better Life, Their Story News from the Retrofuture

In English.
Location: arena corridor

Sonja Khalecallon performs femininity to the point of short-circuit, breakage, and collapse in durational dystopian performances. Years in the future, Earth’s orbital path collided with another planet causing the wealthy to leave earth in search of new planets to colonise. Minorities and people from lower class were left behind on the ecologically deteriorating planet. With no option of escape, Khalecallon uses her feminine mystique to build up a hotel empire. Doing anything she can to keep herself afloat with limited resources, she builds the hotel in order to survive. The hostess embodies the female trait of ‘multitasking’ by offering herself as cook, cleaner, aestheticist, entertainer, and manager. Viewers become guests in her mystical empire and the site becomes a destination within the exhibition itself.

19:00 Performance by Iveta Pole
Today in the world

In Latvian and English.
Location: small stage, horse stables

Actress Iveta Pole in collaboration with director Kristīne Vītola and composer and pianist Rūdolfs Macats will present a selection of news stories accompanied by improvised music. Starting from the beginning of the previous century until today and the performance will shed light on the influence of various significant turning points in history on the flows of human migration. Tracing changes both in the geopolitical map of the world and the individual destinies, the long and at times monotonously sequenced flow of information lets the words become separated from their original meaning, uncovering the manipulative mechanisms of the media and accumulating doubt about the truthfulness of news.

20:30 Crazy Clowns’ Disco!

Location: circus arena

DJ Set with the most famous people in the world - Marta Trektere, Labais Dāma, Kaspars Groševs, Elīna Sproģe, Rojs Rodžers, Jeļena Glazova, Mārtiņš Ķibers and Sandra Mētra.

19:30 DJ Set by Cassius Fadlabi

Hits from shitholes and terrorist countries

Location: circus arena

Cassius Fadlabi will play almost everything, from diverse geographies. From South Africa or Yemen, Brooklyn or Tehran, Japanese hip hop or some hot Bhangra. He’ll try not to play overconsumed music and promises to bring it home. Put your dance shoes on!