Survival Kit 4

Contemporary Art Festival Survival Kit 4: Time to Shift

Curated by Solvita Krese

06/09/2012 - 16/09/2012 

Miera Street 58, Riga

From September 6th to 16th, 2012 the annual international contemporary art festival Survival Kit took place in Riga, Latvia. The focus of Survival Kit 2012, a tradition which began in 2009 as a reaction to the changes brought by the global economic crisis, was downshifting or “the escape from the rat’s race”. The concept encouraged people to take a critical look at the habitual consuming standards and the traditional perception of success, moreover, it emphasized the need to balance time for work and leisure, focus on personal fulfilment.

Each year Survival Kit attracts talented artists from all over the world, this time it brought together the masterpieces of, for instance, Jaime Pitarch form Spain, Jussi Kivi from Finland, Nira Pereg form Israel, Camilla Berner form Denmark and many more. Latvia will be represented by such artists as Alnis Stakle, Kristine Alksne, Arturs Punte, Kristine Zelve, Krists Pudzens, Aija Bley and Izolde Cesniece.

Up until 2012, there have been tree Survival Kit festivals in Riga, reaching approximately 65 000 people. Therefore, in 2012, the art event has been taken to the next level, organising 3 satellite-festivals in regional cities – Sigulda, Tukums and Aizpute. Participants of Survival Kit are not just artists but also representatives of various other fields – architects, scientists, new entrepreneurs, teachers and other energetic experts, developing and implementing creative strategies to survive the times of crisis.

Survival Kit 4 took place in a pop-up art space in the artistic district of Riga – in the previously occupied Tobacco Factory on Miera – or Peace – Street

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