Latvian School bag

As part of the Latvian School Bag program, the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) has collaborated with artists and art mediators to develop a series of creative master classes offered to children and young people (ages 7 to 18) at Latvian schools. The ouvre of an artist is presented as part of every workshop, with some of the actual artwork seen in person. The students become acquainted with the particularities, the technique and the method of the artist’s work. Following the presentation, the artist and an art ambassador hold a creative master class, allowing the students to test, hands-on, the principles of creating an artwork, which they had glanced theoretically, by way of making a new work of art. Each creative workshop lasts two hours. All of these are available as a separate event, but a single school has the option of hosting several workshops as well; workshops can also be held in English or Russian.

You can apply for holding classes by contacting Māra Žeikare, the curator of LCCA’s educational programs (by emailing or calling +371 29586893). 

The Latvian School Bag program aims to ensure that, within the bounds of the state-established educational content and process, every student experiences, discovers and gets to know Latvia. This encompasses examples of traditional cultural values as well as contemporary music, performing arts, visual arts, literature, architecture, design, cultural heritage – including non-material heritage – taken from Latvian history and cultural space.

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