Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
Public program

Curing Histories – online discussion
28 November 2020

The idea of ‘curing’ is usually connected to people and living beings, but could histories also be ‘cured’? What could it mean to cure history? This idea has been inspired by the works of artists included in “Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds” that bring to the fore forgotten and ignored aspects of history and establish new connections between them. Could we see such artistic practices as a way of curing histories? During this opening discussion we talked about it with artists included in the exhibition Andrii Dostliev, Paulina Pukytė, Quinsy Gario, Jörgen Gario, Ülo Pikkov, Vika Eksta and Zuzanna Hertzberg to learn more about their work and approaches. The discussion was moderated by Margaret Tali and Ieva Astahovska.