Survival Kit 13

The international contemporary art festival Survival Kit 13: The Little Bird Must be Caught

Curated by iLiana Fokianaki

September 3rd - October 16th, 2022

Pils street 23, Riga

Design: Cécile Kobel and Rana Karan

The little bird must be caught,

Or he will escape up high,

And we will miss our chance

To stifle his little cry.

And then come springtime

Another hope may rise,

More like him may be hatched,

Which would be quite unwise.

The little bird must be caught,

Caught right by his tail,

Put in a box behind bars

To sing and practice scales.

He must sing what he’s told,

Or give up the ghost.

He must know that song

Gives good appetite to most.

The little bird must be caught,

So we can fill our tummies.

After singing his little heart out,

He’ll go straight to the tabby.

I am brimming over

After a hearty meal,

A tomcat with red whiskers

Stretched out at my heel.

Ojārs Vācietis

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