Survival Kit 13 was held in Pils iela 23, inside the neo-Renaissance Riga Stock Exchange bank building [1887-1888] by architect Heinrich Karl Scheel [1829-1909], located in the center of Riga's medieval Old Town, in a prestigious location between the largest medieval church in the Baltics on Dome Square and the Venetian Renaissance palazzo-style Riga Stock Exchange Building [1852-1855]. At the time of Survival Kit 13, this architectural monument was currently under the care of Latio real estate and looking for new tenants.The half-basement and ground floor of the four-story building, as well as the shutters and the eaves of the roof are covered with Estonian limestone while the upper two floors are covered with about 135-year-old red bricks. The rustication of the individual parts and the frieze accentuating the eaves give the building a monumentally solemn character. The building originally housed not only the Stock Exchange Bank, but also the Merchant's Association, with three classrooms and housing for the manager and staff. The facade on the Pils Street side is absolutely symmetrical, while the facade facing the Dom Square is slightly asymmetrical, and the overall volume of the building is as much as possible integrated into the polygonal configuration of the site. The bank vault, or "steel chamber", was originally built into the most visible part of the building, the part facing the street and the square, which is now the main entrance. The ground and first floors of the building were open to the public during the festival. The ground floor houses the ornate former client lounge, a filling room, and the managers' office, while the second floor is divided into offices.

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