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7 September: Survival Kit 14 Opening
8 September: Opening of the exhibition “The Artist is Present”
8 September: "Riga Episode" Performative action
9 September: "Night Conference" Programme within the "White Night" Forum
12 September: Seniors' afternoon: "Memory Market"
16 September: Discussion ""Blackness*" as Experience, Identity or Sum of Circumstances?" + a Concert
17 September: "Ghost Lace Drawing Workshop" and Excursion for Children
19 September: Book "The Longest Journey" Opening Celebration
21 September: Conversation "The Ecological Consequences of the Russian Invasion in Ukraine"
23 September: Discussion "One of Us? The Experience of Minority Communities in Independent Latvia"
24 September: Workshop "Sticker Stories" and Excursion for Children
26 September: Seniors' afternoon "Memory market"
27 September: Talk "Why is it Difficult to Understand Belarusians Now?"
28 September: Workshop "Unexpected Understandings" for People with Mental Disabilities
28. september: "Obscene West. Naglis" and "Riga Last Thursdays" x radio "Tīrkultūra"
30 September: Letter-making Workshop "Riga-Kaunas: Friendship Without Borders"
30 September: Discussion "Life in Parallel: Experience of the Other Belarus"
1 October: Tour with Sign Language Interpreter
3 October: Workshop "Unexpected Understandings" for People with Mental Disabilities
3 October: Screening of the Film "Propaganda Theater" and Talk with the Director Jonas Staal
4 October: Screening of "Everything Will Be Alright" and Asking When?