Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost (1867, Lieumeconu) Lives and works.
Here is a long list of museums and institutions. Dash, interesting things, comma, dash, list of residencies and prizes. A selection of solo projects including a Swallowing and Breathing in Eindhoven, Lexicon in Antwerp, The Smoking Mother in Copenhagen, Melting Into Another in Lisbon, Occupied Paradise in Aalst, Deep See Blue Surrounding You in Venice, Maastricht, Toulouse and Lille; a Waiting Room with objects in Minneapolis, New Museum for Granddad in Milano, Tearoom for Grandma in Derry, Karaoke room in Brussels, New Octopus Ink Vodka Bar for Gregor in Rotterdam, Travel Agency for an Uncle in Frankfurt, a lobby for love between the artists of The Hague and Lucerne... tea bags, and wet floors, and tentacles.

From the series “Sign paintings”
Print on foam plastic, 2010–2022
This Voice Is A Pink Cloud
Sound Installation, 2014
This Voice Is A Sunshine On Your Face
Sound installation, 2013

Laure Prouvost has long used written and spoken language in her practice to address desire, sexuality, childhood memories, bodily functions, and other issues. A well-considered way of representing the fluid globalized modernity we live in, it takes a muted – purposefully – socio-political look at identity, humanity, and our emotional worlds drawing on the work of feminist theorists such as Rosi Braidotti and Donna Haraway. Prouvost highlights the conditions under which we form new affinities and develop more-than human relationships and attachments in our everyday lives or approach the posthuman by becoming cyborgs. In her practice, this becomes evident through the use and display of signifiers of how we “connect”: formats that direct to “texting” and other forms of social media technology and the rapid exchange of information through screens. Her installations sometimes include simple messages in the form of signs, technologically sophisticated sculptures, human body parts – tongues, ears, fingers, voices – as well as sounds such as whispers, words, and plants and animals.